We are a tinyfarm in Southern Tasmania in its infancy.  We are currently playing around with chooks, pigs, veges and Daisy our goat, oh and now , rabbits.

Our intention is to supply in a CSA format to friends and customers based in Hobart and surrounds that would otherwise be resorting to conventionally grown products.  Our challenge is to do so whilst maintaining a sane and healthy lifestyle for our small family…


To infinity and beyond, hobby farm? Maybe not quite that far, but to supply a wide variety of farm fresh  veg (and fruit/nuts)is not only possible , but is our intention/plan.

… to supply a range of organically-grown, heirloom veg and fruit in a variety of colour and for as  extended a season as possible.

(Hopefully eggs, chicken and pork/lamb (rabbits too?).)

The challenge IS to maintain sanity for us and the 5 kids, and to continue to provide top quality produce  all year. All the while paying the mortgage and living up to our high expectations.

Don’t wish us luck, but sign up for a box of produce!!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello K & D
    I cannot order a box from up here in Mudgee so I will wish you luck and follow your progress as you are following mine. Your pictures are lovely and I am sure growing things in TAS is a tad easier than our dryness up here – your pix remind me of my native England. And you have animals – pigs, chooks, rabbits – we just have chooks at the moment.
    Anyway – let’s stay in touch. Thanks for your kind words on my last post (Week 10 in the OMG) – I think you are doing very well supporting a small family as well as creating this little farming oasis. Best of luck

    • Thanks Stephen,
      After my last comment on the OMG blog I realised I was getting caught up in some serious farm envy. Your kind words helped me to step back and realize we are doing a damn fine job with what we’ve got. The children are all involved in farm activities in their own unique ways and no matter how far we get with this season we are setting ourselves up well for a time in the future when I can work full time here.
      We are incredibly spoilt by these IT tools, there’s no other way a small time farmer in Southern Tas could check out your activities up in Mudgee on a weekly basis.
      Cheers mate, we’ll be in touch,

  2. I’m glad I found your blog ‘a journey to a dream’ recommended it to me, I really admire how you guys have chosen to live, it is the dream for my wife and I too and we are working towards it. We really love hens, we’ve had loads in the past and want goats and ducks on our little plot, hopefully providing a great range of eggs and cheese and milk too. I’ll be following your progress, have fun 🙂

    • Thanks Chillininja, we started with hens and just seem to keep on adding things as we go. We have been on rental properties for a while now with only hens and Daisy our goat, so as soon as we got our own property we were ready and raring to go.
      I’ll be picking your brain on your chilli experiences some time soon.

      • Fantastic! I think that is how we will be too when we get our bit of land. Feel free to pick my brain if you have with any chilli queries.

  3. It is -10 degrees C here at our farm in northern USA and winter has yet to settle in. I am envious of your spring weather and all of the spring activities on your farm. Best wishes! Bob

    • Thanks Bob,
      We really appreciate your wishes for spring but we have well and truly passed into summer now. If you are in winter (Northern Hemisphere), we are in summer (southern hemisphere).
      May the winter be kind to you.

      Dalles Hayes.

  4. Hi K&D just read through your blog and love it! Great inspiration for our tiny tiny farm! We almost (and when I say almost, bags were pretty much packed) about to move to your neck of the woods last year to start up a tiny farm, had worked pretty much lined up, a nice parcel of land and house just north west of Hobart… such a beautiful area… anyway, we are super happy with where we ended up and would not change it for the world! Pretty damn hard work and with 5 kids!!!!! Struth Ruth, we have 3 and reakon that’s enough of a handful with working full time and trying to get the tiny farm into production! Well done and look forward to reading more about your progress!

    • Thanks for your kind words Nam-Ha Quach, we do seem to be on very similar paths. Our 5 kids almost amount to 3 when you work it out, the oldest is no longer at home, the next 2, my boys, spend every 2nd week with us and the 2 little ones are as intense and amazing as young children can be.
      If you had come to Tas you might not be dueling with foxes as you appear to be however there are more than enough predators to keeps us on our toes, mostly aerial though which is a bit easier to work with.
      Struggling to keep up with the blog and the workload at the moment but I’m ok with that, we are a farm first and we blog about it when we can.
      Your colleague on the net,

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