Watching the seasons change

The hidden bounty...

This was taken August 8th, my intention here is to keep a visual diary of the changes of these buds through the seasons.  I will endeavour to get another photo in the next couple of days and continue to do so every fortnight or so for the next 12 months.

We will have been here for 12 months by the end of October and I feel a desperation to immerse myself in the seasonal changes around me.  I have walked through the paddocks and past these buds at least twice every day since we arrived.  The sights, smells and overall sensations have changed dramatically in this time.

There is a Chinese proverb that says ‘ the greatest fertilizer is the footprints of the gardener’ and I strongly agree.

August 18

August 18

Hardly any change to report, different lighting and slightly different focus makes it difficult to compare exactly.  I will get better with the photography…I hope.

21st August

A slightly upset routine had me wandering past the the smaller of our 2 old apple trees much later in the day than normal.  A casual glance at some of my severe pruning cuts revealed the occasional tiny bud forcing through the bark.  A decent camera would have the capacity to pick them out but it is beyond the one we have at present.  However this had me looking more closely at both trees and this brings me back to the comparison of the 2 photos I have on the blog.

At the tip of all of the buds on August 18 the picture shows a whiter patch,larger and more prominent than the earlier photo, this whiter patch has a very slight green tinge to it, in some cases a very obvious green tinge.  We have had some very warm days of late, I was in shorts and t-shirt a couple of days ago.  Also we haven’t had any heavy frosts now for over a month, we’ve had some very mild ones and I know that more is yet to come.

I won’t mention the ‘S’ word but things are definitely turning…