Introducing our bees

We have roughly another 60 000 just like her, plus a handful of drones (the males) and hopefully only 2 queen bees (one in each hive).  One of the queen bees, from the stronger hive, can be seen in our previous post.

I have found working with bees to be an amazing experience and I am only just beginning.  Most afternoons I will feed the pigs, collect the eggs and watch the comings and goings of the bees on the hill.

We are expecting to harvest honey in early January and again a smaller harvest in March or April.As can be seen here both hives are Langstroth hives, the good thing about this is that there is a lot of equipment and information about this style of beekeeping.  An alternative system of beekeeping that we are very interested in is the Warre system, pronounced war-ray.

A great outline of how we would like to interact with our bees can be found here, if we lived a little closer we would seriously consider one of Milkwood’s Natural Beekeeping courses.

Bees are awesome!