A time of firsts…

Amidst the chaos that ensues at this busy time of the growing season we have been experiencing a time of many ‘firsts’.

We have our first broody hens for the season.

Which has then led to our first chicks of the season.

We have our first baby rabbits.

Whilst making our first thorough inspection of our hives we have sighted one of our queen bees for the first time.

Can you see her?

We’ve also had the first bee sting (our intrepid blog photographer), eaten our first snow peas, garlic scapes and broad beans, planted tomatoes and our early potatoes are flowering.

Another milestone is the planting of our first fruit tree on the property, a bosc pear, an impulse buy at the local school fair.


Flour Grinder for AlaskaZen

As promised I have dug out most of my hand flour grinder.  Possibly the last time I used it was when teaching bread making with a small group of children at our local community school 4 or 5 years ago.

Apologies for the glare and the messy background.

It is missing a small 'hopper' that fits in the top that allows you to load 2 - 3 cups of grain at a time.

You can adjust the grind so I would assume AlaskaZen that you could still do your cereals with something like this.

The labels on it are CORONA; A6 LANDERS, CIA & MORA. S.A.

On the face of the stone disc it reads – PATENTED McCAMMON IDAHO 83250  RETSEL CORPORATION.

I sincerely hope this helps AlaskaZen, you may have just motivated me to get hold of some rye grain to add it to the stoneground wheat that I have been making the occasional loaf with of late.