New Income Stream…rent this space

Pig shelter advertising

Can you see your business name here?

Pig shelters are traditionally made out of whatever is on hand, the most common being the old tank cut in half.  Unfortunately we didn’t have any of these available but we did have a small collection of pallets.

So 4 pallets later, some recycled nails, screws and bolts, garden stakes, corrugated iron sheets, scrap timber and some feed bags and we have a lovely little shelter for our 3 adventurous piglets.

It is quite roomy for them at present but come December it will be quite a squeeze for the 3 of them.  It will be interesting to see how this simple structure holds up to the boisterous behaviour of 3, 50kg + pigs.

We have managed to keep the adventurous little blighters in their paddock now for at least 2 full days, but that is relying on the electric fence netting to contain them, seen here.  However I need that netting elsewhere, I have peas coming up that need the protection.  I am hoping that our mains charger arrives soon and I can beef up the original 3 strand electric fence with maybe 4 strands with a much higher charge to keep them on their best behaviour.