It sure is spring time

Spring Farm Update

Like a lot of farmers/gardeners at this time of year I seem to be outside with my gumboots on before I am truly awake in the morning and I’m falling asleep on the couch just after taking them off at night. Daily job lists easily fill the back of one envelope and are rarely completed in the one day.

Blogging certainly takes a back seat, an inspirational blogger from Scotland,at has been known to catch up on his blog late at night.  I certainly am not capable of stringing 2 sentences together after about 7.30 at night, let alone publicizing my thoughts to the world.

So we’ll just have to settle for an update and maybe some of it can be fleshed out at a later time.

There have been birthdays and bonfires,

cute kids,


and growing piglets.

There have been births

'Births' of a sort, these radish seedlings have come to life despite some very attentive slugs.


This unfortunate lamb did not make it much past it's 4th week (?), we have also lost 2 ewes in the paddock for no obvious reason.

and bottle fed lambs

Yes this lamb lost it's mother, and has managed to spray a good lot of milk in that greying beard that is visible.

Garden update to follow.