Roll on 2013…

Roll on 2013...

Mali at around 8 weeks old, photo courtesy Kalin Hayes.

It has been many, many moons since we last posted. We have been incredibly busy throughout 2012 and unfortunately our blog has suffered.

However, we are wishing our readers a Happy New Year and we will be back in 2013 with renewed vigour and a new focus in 2013. Here’s a hint…




2 thoughts on “Roll on 2013…

  1. Ah, we are adding ducks in 2013 as well. The plan is to grow out hatchlings for meat in the same tractors we grow out our chickens in 🙂

    • Good luck with that Leilani, the ducks you see in the photo kinda just moved in. We have recently picked up some muscovy crosses that we will grow out purely for meat as well. We hadn’t planned on ducks at this stage of our tiny farm’s development and it has really changed things around for us.

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