Mysterious ‘rust’ on blackberries…

This rust is not only on our property but seems to have quite a wide coverage in the area.

Anyone familiar with ‘Myrtle Rust’ out there?

Whatever it is, it hasn’t affected the early harvest of blackberries but it could reduce the length of the harvest.  However we have got more this year already compared with last year.  It will be interesting to see what happens next season.

My little farmer boy and I were inspired by Kate over at Fox’s Lane and using what we had on hand came up with a blackberry and buttermilk cake.

Unfortunately he liked eating it more before it was cooked,and when my little schoolgirl came home


she told me it wasn’t sweet enough.  Oh well, more for me and my big girl when she gets back from work.

Now that school is well and truly underway I can no longer indulge in 12-14 hours of farm work 6 – 7 days a week.  Now it is a case of relying on that earlier effort and getting bits and pieces done when I can, with my little helper along for the ride.

We have been harvesting (and selling) zucchinis, squash, rocket and of course eggs.  We are harvesting tomatoes, broccoli, daikon, spuds and oodles of other mixed salad stuff for ourselves, the peas have well and truly finished and the beans are about to start.

We have possums getting into gardens, a rabbit about to kindle, ‘barber pole’ worm issues that have resulted in stock losses and a wedge tailed eagle that has become just a little too friendly.

Oh and for some reason I find myself researching RAW food diets and LGD training…



2 thoughts on “Mysterious ‘rust’ on blackberries…

  1. Hey guys! Strange looking rust on the blackberries, haven’t seen it before but we have a similar thing in Ireland that happens when we have a hard frost – which actually burns the grass in our fields leaving them very discoloured and yellow after the thaw.
    Your kids look very happy and content which is lovely. Also congrats on the produce sales!

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