Flour Grinder for AlaskaZen

As promised I have dug out most of my hand flour grinder.  Possibly the last time I used it was when teaching bread making with a small group of children at our local community school 4 or 5 years ago.

Apologies for the glare and the messy background.

It is missing a small 'hopper' that fits in the top that allows you to load 2 - 3 cups of grain at a time.

You can adjust the grind so I would assume AlaskaZen that you could still do your cereals with something like this.

The labels on it are CORONA; A6 LANDERS, CIA & MORA. S.A.

On the face of the stone disc it reads – PATENTED McCAMMON IDAHO 83250  RETSEL CORPORATION.

I sincerely hope this helps AlaskaZen, you may have just motivated me to get hold of some rye grain to add it to the stoneground wheat that I have been making the occasional loaf with of late.

2 thoughts on “Flour Grinder for AlaskaZen

  1. Your Great-Grandmother used something similar to your unit to turn Chuck Steak into minced meat to feed to the local Kookaburras, Magpies and Butcher Birds.

    • We have a large mincer as well which is what Great-Gran would have been using, our mincer has recently been used to grind up dried eggshells for adding to homemade chook food as a calcium supplement.

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