Lacking in Diversity are we…

well now we have bunnies,

er meat rabbits to be more precise (they look like bloomin’ bunnies to me, all except Peter, the boy obviously).

Now for the aww, or is that awe shot…

Very cute.

Say hello to Peter

Don't trust this brown eyed girl

To keep up traditions, just like these boys, all bar the black rabbit have tasted freedom.  Peter has spent an entire night out.

They are a darn sight harder to catch than chooks, good goalkeeping practice.

All photos by Kalin Hayes.


3 thoughts on “Lacking in Diversity are we…

    • Yes they are very cute Slowvelder, it has been my pleasure to visit your blog and I am sure I will continue to do so. That repost from your fellow blogger about the trials of the people from Haiti has left me reeling. If my blogging skills were more up to date I would link to it from here.
      Also your parting comment is something we shall draw confidence from for years to come.

      Many thanks,

      K & D.

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