The Great Escape

Hey Steve...the grass is green over here mate...

damn green...

c'mon Steve it's not that high, you can jump it

aw heck, here I go...

damnit! Don't jump Steve, they've fenced us in...

You guessed it folks, we’ve had escaping piglets.  Our pigsperience to date has been with slightly older and bigger pigs and they never went through the 3 strand electric fence we set up.  However these little blighters have.

That last shot shows our new electric poultry netting (not fully tensioned)  that was (and is still) intended for our early market garden plantings, it is meant to be in place by next Saturday, to keep feral animals away from our delicate vegetables, not to keep pigs in.  I will have to upgrade the 3 strand electric fence before then or buy another $300 worth of electric poultry netting….Bugger…


6 thoughts on “The Great Escape

    • Sorry Jodie, life has become a little messy as it does sometimes.

      These guys may be ready by Christmas, we certainly have a number of people interested in Christmas ham. However we may be diddling ourselves as they may only be 40-50kg instead of 60kg +.
      Also recent events may influence how long I am prepared to put up with 2 of the rascals, the 2 that can be seen on the wrong side of the fence in ‘The Great Escape’ are living on borrowed time. I have read on an American forum that the best cure for piglets that constantly escape is to eat them. In this case though it would become very expensive pork.

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