more Tiny Farm beginnings



and more Garlic

This garlic crop will be the beginning of many more (so we hope), the largest cloves from this planting will be planted again from February 2012 and we will more than likely buy more in to jump start our crop.  We are focusing on a variety that has been called Tas purple, this variety has large cloves with a purple tinge that have plenty of garlic flavour.

As can be seen from the photos we have made a compromise and started our garlic crops by laying weed mat down and planting into holes in the mat.  Weed mat is a petrochemical based product and is a dubious inclusion into a tiny farm that seeks to leave a small footprint.  This weed mat is a one off purchase that will be re-used as many times as possible.

2 thoughts on “more Tiny Farm beginnings

    • Hey Throwback,

      I know what you mean, that’s what took me aback when I saw this tinyfarm blog post

      Mike was planting his last potatoes very late (apparently) and i was very close to planting my earliest of earlies.
      Recently I was out feeding animals at around 6.30am by the light of the full moon and I mentioned it after to my London based sister (via skype). I lost the moon by about 6.45am and she was raving about the moon by 8.34am my time, I still can’t get my head around that!

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