Tiny Farm Beginnings

Happy Piglets (these are our latest cultivators). They are prepping a garden site that we hope to be using towards the end of October.

not ours but they are part of our 'tiny farm' experience

The New Season's Lambs (not ours but they are part of our tiny farm experience)

More Tiny Farm Beginnings to follow.

The ‘tiny farm’ descriptor has come from a blog that has been quite inspirational of late


and it’s offshoot


As can be seen not only is our Tiny Farm in it’s infancy so is our Tiny Farm blog.  As we become more accustomed to this medium things will take shape and become more user friendly, the important thing today is to take that first step and possibly, just like an infant, our next step will see us falling on our face.  That pretty much sums up how we have got this far.

6 thoughts on “Tiny Farm Beginnings

    • A money tree…ha ha ha, somehow I doubt it. It is an old apple tree, possibly a Democrat, one of the later ripening apple varieties. We hardly got anything off it last year, most of the fruit went to possums and sheep. It looks somewhat different now as you can possibly see in the ‘changing seasons’ post. It is the same tree from the other side.

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